A Very Pitchounian Wedding

    Domaine de Bramafam

    Chateauneuf-Grasse, France

    Wedding Ceremony :: June 3rd, 2019

    Gather, Eat, Love :: June 1-6

  • Grand Schedule of Events

    Nothing is required. Everything is optional. We just want to see your beautiful faces, and snuggle your necks and celebrate our life together. We will email you details of addresses, etc a month before the wedding. The theme of the week? No heels = No Broken Ankles.

    Welcome Laissez-Faire BBQ at Bramafam

    June 1, 2019 :: 3pm

    For those of you who get in early, come hang out on the grounds of Bramafam. Enjoy some grub, some rosé, and settle into your week in Provence. We'll gather together for boules/bocce/petanque...depending on your language choice), an easy does it BBQ.

    Dress code: Garden party casual. Think sun dresses, linen, hats, and canes. We're half-kidding about the hats and canes. But...Maybe take that as a challenge?

    Lawn Games & Rehearsal Dinner Al Fresco (All Invited) at Bramafam and La Pitchoune

    June 2, 2019 :: 12 pm

    We'll be taking the morning off from festivities to make sure we're all ready for the big day! But that afternoon/evening, we'll have another garden party. There will be omelette making classes, music, and food.

    Dress code: Garden party casual. Same as above.

    Wedding Ceremony and Big Ol' Soiree

    June 3, 2019 :: 4pm

    Cocktail hour at 4pm

    Wedding at 5ish (Short Ceremony, we promise)

    Dinner/Dancing from 5:30pm until....?????


    Champagne Toast at 7pm


    A typical wedding kind of day. First dances, toasts, and more. An excuse to boogie under the Riviera sky in June. Live music. And plenty of chances to snuggle Magnolia.

    Dress Code: Swank without the pretense. Look your summer outdoor wedding and eatin' best. Dress for crepes, fruit tartes, cheese, and beef tallow fries.

    Please no need to go full tuxedo or black tie level dresses. In fact, if you come in a tuxedo we will contemplate throwing you in the pool. Think we're kidding? Try us. Even the groom ain't gettin' tuxedo drunk tonight, well maybe half tuxedo jacket drunk. Suits, dresses, etc. are all welcome.

    Exploration Day

    June 4th

    Hike, shop, enjoy yourself. We'll be taking a day off completely to let you do you. Property will be closed to guests other than those staying on property.

    Dress Code: Bikini clad (bikini optional) on a beach in Nice, golf casual on the green, stuffing your face with cheese, market basket carrying in Antibes, museum hopping to your hearts content. (Read: We don't care! You ain't with us! You do you!)

    Dinner in Town

    June 5th, 6pm to 10pm

    Have a delightful meal in our favorite little town, our new home of Valbonne. 

    Fireworks not included.

    Dress Code: Suits optional. Clothes required. We're calling this wear whatever you'd like. This isn't New York City. It's the Riviera! (Also feel free to wear the same clothes more than once, we're not the red carpet either).

    Brunch until the Evening Pool Party

    June 6th, Noon :: Brunch! at La Pitchoune's Terrace & Pool

    Crepes, mimosas, and gathering. Swimming. Lounging. Merry making. Say sayonara before the happy family runs off to Paris. Honeymoon? Not with a baby in tow. We're saving that for 2020 when the Held's have graciously offered to take Magnolia for a week!

    Dress Code: Suits and Flutes! Swimsuits and Plastic Champagne Flutes, that is!

  • Where to Stay

    If you are not a member of the wedding party or immediate family, you'll need lodging. Here are some local options for your perusal.

    Hôtel Le Relais Gourmand

    Close enough to walk. The least 'nice' so to speak of the properties. But has a pool, and is walkable, and has a restaurant. (About 10 minutes away by foot)

    Click here to view.

    La Bastide de Valbonne

    Gorgeous setting. Requires car to get anywhere.

    Pool, and great Italian food on site (service can be spotty, but the food never disappoints).

    Click here to view. (Excuse their flash site)

    Hôtel Les Armoiries

    In the center of Valbonne, the cutest village we've ever seen. Easy access to restaurants, shopping, and public transit. Classic rooms, in a classic setting. Under new management, an old favorite of ours.

    Click here to view.

    Airbnb and VRBO

    OF COURSE these are always options. You'll want a car, and you'll want to center your search near Plascassier.

    If you're new to Airbnb, here's a link to sign up. (We're super hosts and get a referral bonus if you've never used it before.)

  • Some Asked Questions

    We can't say 'frequently' so......

    Regarding dress code and environment!

    Nothing of this event is fancy schmancy. We want you to look nice, because...We're using these photos for marketing events at La Pitchoune. But you don't need to be to the nines. Also? You'll want sensible-ish shoes. No spike heels. Walking the streets of France and the grounds of Bramafam/La Pitchoune is a bit...treacherous. Let's not break any ankles. :)

    Travel to get to our Neck of the Woods! The French Riviera!

    Airport :: Nice-Cote D'Azur, code is NCE.


    Train :: Closest is Mouans-Sartoux, Cannes isn't much farther (and a place you can rent a car), Antibes works as well. Nice? Naww...A bit far if you're training here.

    To rent a car or not to rent a car? :: Uber is prolific in the Nice, Cannes, and Grasse area. They will come to us, but they won't come to us for a 5 minute drive. IE you can get a ride from the airport easily, but you can't get from your lodging to say...the next tiny town over.

    During the week of the wedding :: We will be organizing some sort of driving situation because parking is limited. If you're staying at one of the three lodging suggestions, you won't need to get yourself from place to place. If you're into renting an Airbnb, that's on you to get to us (please limit cars and share as much as possible on the property). There WILL be parking. Just not for 100 cars. Maybe 20. Tops.

    Where is this happening exactly? Like...Can I get an address/GPS coordinates?

    Nope to the 2nd part. We keep the address under wraps to avoid lookie looers who want to see Julia's kitchen. (That's what the Smithsonian is for.)  

    Once you've RSVPed you'll get more details about three months out. What we will tell you is the info above on travel, and that we are located between Valbonne (where the dinner the night of the wedding is) and Grasse. TECHNICALLY we are Chateauneuf-Grasse, but really? We're closer to Plascassier. (That will help you plan mayhaps?)

    Do I need to be there the whole time? A week long wedding is a bit...long.

    ABSOLUTELY NOT! We're using this an excuse to show our friends and family the area, and hang out with us in our natural habitat. We'd love if you came for just a BBQ, or the whole kit and kaboodle! When you RSVP you'll tell us which things you're coming to...or not...as the case may be. No pressure.

    Is this the cooking school?

    Nope. Not this week. Just our wedding. If you've been a previous guest at the cooking school, you're welcome to join us. But there's not lodging, and you're on your own! But you can imagine it will be a lot of all you can eat food, rosé, champagne, and Chris/Makenna/Dominie will be around. So there are SOME similarities! :)

    I can't come/I am coming and I want to get you a gift!!!! I missed the baby's shower/welcome party/I JUST MUST GET YOU ALL SOMETHING!

    Absolutely no need. Seriously. We need nothing. And we travel oh so much which makes stuff hard to keep around. We're in a de-stuff-ify part of our lives. And your presence in our lives (even if you're not present at the wedding) is present enough.

    If you really, really, really want to give us a gift here are the options, and we mean it when we say NO NEED PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. But since so many of you have asked.....:Literally dozens despite us saying 'we're good promise!'  

    Gift certificates:

    -Kate Quinn Organics and Misha and Puff (to buy Magnolia adorable clothes in sizes we know will fit her).
    -B & H Photo (to add things to the photo 'wardrobe' that Chris & Makenna are building for their business)

    Money earmarked for:
    -Fixing up our VW bus to make it our moving home (it's a big undertaking)

    -E. Dehillerin purchases in Paris (it's the best kitchen store in the world and they don't do gift cards, and as much as we'd love to say Williams-Sonoma we literally can't shop there in France #crazyprivacylaws)

    -Our Honeymoon. We've graciously received a big portion of the trip as a gift. But there are more expenses.

    -Chris' guitar habit/Our Mutual Vinyl habit/Makenna's Skincare habits (we can't ask for a gift certificate because the usual suspects don't ship to France easily)

    If none of the above feel good, that is aok. A card, and your love is more than enough. Again, we really need nothing, per se.

  • Ready to say 'yes'! I'm coming' to the celebration of our union (and snuggle a baby maybe) ???

    Just RSVP by clicking the button below. (We don't need nay's to RSVP, we'll miss you, but we just need the yay's!)